Sunday, 28 August 2011

Turqouise Dip Dye

A few photos I've taken in the past few days after i dyed my hair.

Another change of hair, I went for a turqouise dip dye...not sure why though. I just thought it looked good and I wanted a color that popped. I bought it from eBay for £5. Bad thing about these La Riché Dip dyes is that they dry your hair so much!! Its unbelievable. The colour stays in for quite a short time aswell. ahwell!

Inspiration photos:

I came across these while doing some research on different color (dip-dyes).
 These are more of a green tone on brown hair.

NYané xoxo 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Another Southampton Outting with Mpona

Me and my older sister went out to southampton town shopping. We didnt really buy much but we did go out for food and had a look round a few thrift stores.

This time we went to Nandos Bitchessss!!!!!

black dress with seethrough detail - New Look
Shorts- Primark
Washed out Rose Blazer- Age U.K (Thrift sore)
Glasses- eBAY
Bag- Vintage

NYané xoxo

Thursday, 18 August 2011

BLack & White

I went for a dark but simple look and Mpho went for a soft yet also simple look. We both mixed up our items and styled them in different ways.

NYané's Look: BLACK

                   Mini Vest: stole it from Mphos wardrobe ;) (not sure where she bought it though)
                   Sunglasses: Primark
 Small Gold Hoop earrings: Clairs (i hate clairs accessories but i just had to buy these, they were only £1.99)
                   Black Shorts: Brothers old jeans (AGAIN)
                   Gold chain bracelet: Topshop

Look Inspiration: Alice Dellal

Mpho's Look: WHITE

Black Vintage Belt: Mums old belt
Mpho's Heels: Miss Selfridge

Skirt: Age UK, charity shop

Monday, 15 August 2011

Behind the scenes of "Urban/Elegance" Shoot" with 'Sophia D. Varkonyi'

Photos will be up as ASAP!
we did a litle shoot with Sophie V, and here are is a preview shot, i'll upload more photos as soon as ive finished  retouching. Hope you like it!


Model: Sophia Dorotya Varkonyi

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Narcissism is mostly known as self-love. Some people may think im a narcissist, but I spend so much time by myself or with my twin sister, we have no choice but to photograph ourselves and become our own subjects.
I'm mostly surrounded by people who don't see the importance of pictures. I take pictures wherever i am as later on i may use them or find an importance in them.










These were photographed by my younger brother hahah!! Well, what I wanted to do is create different characters/ personalities in an artistic way. 
(oh and by the way my earrings are from Cancer Research-Southampton, i bought them for £1)

NYané xoxo

Thursday, 4 August 2011

NYane & Mpho

Okay, so I decide not to upload the rest of Winchester Fashion Week pictures. Truth is, i really didnt like them, Actually i hated them! I'm not going to complain too much about it. so anyway me and Mpho went to town and went round a few charity shops in Southampton..blah blah blah, this is pretty much all i write about on my blog. hah! but anyway i found a really nice black see through dress, and a golden Egyptian necklace that looked really good with the dress together.

The dress is quite big/loose so i tightened it
with my brothers school leather belt. hehe ;)

oh yes! Also..i redyed the ends of my hair (pastel pink) as it had seriously faded!
 I had to tie my hair up though as its in serious bad condition. grrr I got my hair crimped in
 Winchester Fashion Week, and it dried it so bad.

This also one of my brothers tee's. Its from a yacht club or something (How cheesy!!)
Its really nice worn as over-sized. Mpho went for the chilled/relaxed look. I think it worked!-what do u think?
NYané xoxo