Saturday, 30 July 2011

Winchester Fashion week: Daytime shots- Out & about

Day 1: WFW

Day 1: We went out for Costa coffee for lunch

WFW: day 1

                                  Day 2
WFW: Day 2 Afternoon
What I wore:
I bought this top about a Year or 2 ago when i lived in Wales.
I cant actually remember the price, but it was pretty cheap.
My boots were £27 from New Look
& Sunglasses: Karen Millen

During our break, We went round Winchester, had a look at a few clothes at some
 Thrift stores (British Heart Foundation)... they had quite a few nice stuff. But i ended up not buying
anything as i spent all my money on food! hah!  We both spent up to £10 each on food for the day.
All in all it was good though!

Shak & Shok: these twins have amazing style!
They both did the fashion show.

We went round Winchester for our break...and for lunch.

                           Day 3
Day 3 of WFW

Doing Winchester Fashion Week was such a good experience, 
anyway I'll post the backstage/make-up shots tomorrow!!!

NYané xoxo

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bournemouth Beach

So me and my sisters went to Bournemouth Beach for a day. The weather was so lovely it was a last minute decision to go to the beach! It was so much fun as there was so many people there, the atmosphere was incredible. we later on went for KFC haha!..and then a coffee which was pretty chilled.

NYané xoxo

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Saturday's Look: Colour Block

So i had a show rehearsal today and this is what i wore..<¬cheesiest line ever! had nothing better to say :|
But anyway, the show rehearsal was for Winchester Fashion week which is quite exciting as the final fashion show is next week. I literally only had about 50 mins to get ready this morning. it was mad! but i got ready on time and quickly picked this outfit out.

The denim shorts are my younger brothers old jeans which I cut up ;) (genious? hah!) i love them so much but they're kind of tight and somehow make my ass look bigger than it actually is. grrr. The shirt is from Salvation Army. Bargain buy- got it for £2.99. and the black and gold belt also from Salvation Army £1.50.

Also dip dyed my hair ready for the summer! I went for a Pastel pink colour, its kind of fading out already so will have to go over it again.

Vintage ClubHouse shoulder bag from British Heart Foundation.

Gold chain bracelet: Topshop
I actually bought this bracelet about a year or 2 ago.
 randomly found it while cleaning my room

I look a little bit squished :|

I used a pink pastel colour dip dye on my hair for this summer
..wanted a bright colur for a change

These were my brothers old jeans which i cut short
and turned them into daisy dukes. Love them!

NYané xoxo