Tuesday, 31 May 2011

In London For Jamie Stevens shoot

This was such a stressful day. Went to London for a hair shoot which went pretty good all in all, but quite stressful. we didnt take any behind the scenes pictures as we were rushing everything. i had the sides of my head shaved of fully. looks really nice, just takes time getting use to.

After the shoot we went round London for about an Hour & 1/2 and took a few photos. we then sat down at an Italian restaurant for some coffee. It was such a relaxing afternoon.

Me and Masentle went to central London for a hair shoot and took a few pictures while touring round Victoria.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Personal Favorites from yesterdays shoot! we hadn't fully planned this shoot, it literally took us just under an hour to shoot everything! But the outcome was amazingg! the weather wasnt too bad so we had just the right lighting. Mpho did the styling and assistance. I'm so happy with these pictures, it's so hard to pick just a few..so really i just put quite a lot on here...still more to come though!
 Sophia is such an amazing model! unbelievable and natural!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Model: Sophia Dorotya Varkonyi (A short series from todays shoot) best shoot ever.

She is absolutely amazing!

Styling: Mpho&NYané
Model: Sophia Dorotya Varkonyi
she is A-MAZING !

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

'DOLLA' Tribute

       (A Dolla Tribute) Roderick Anthony Burton II - November 25, 1987 - May 18, 2009

He was known as a rapper but also did modelling for Sean 'Diddy Combs clothing line

Friday, 13 May 2011

L'OReal Hair Shoot

Had my hair shaved off at a L'OReal RUSH hair shoot for the British hairdresser of the year. I was really not expecting to have my hair cut that short, but thought "couldnt look too bad" i'e actually gotten used to it now and love it!

Grace Jones Slave To The Rythm

college look- Friday

Look Book : Ellie Vashti H

Finished college early today, so went out in my back garden to take some pictures with Ellie V - shes such a diva! these were taken in literally 2 mins or so, was such fun!

NYané <3