Saturday, 30 April 2011

Elysa's Birthday (Netley)

We went to Netley for one of my friends, Elysa's, Birthday. It was such an amazing night!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

wearing Hobos Clothing....



60's Vintage!

We took these outside my friends house! Such a lush night. We treated ourselves to a chinese...mmm Giant Prawns dipped in saurce. Amazing! Well as the night went by, we decided to raid her wardrobe and mix some vintage with highstreet. Worked out great. These are some shots from the night. Hope you like them.

Wednesday: Look 1 (Safari)

Hope You Bitches Like it <3



How can life itself be so stressful? i knew today wasn't going to be alright, it wasnt meant to be good. Woke up with a heartache and didnt want to be in college. Tuesday morning was too emotional...thought everything would be better the next morning but still the same. I don't want to believe it, think about it, or even talk about it. I could only imagine how the people most close to her or related to Gabby feel. We all feel helpless.

16:17pm. Straight after college the doorbell rings. Its the daily was a journalist who works for the daily mail. She wanted to ask some questions about Gabby...(I wondered how she found out about where i lived or how she new my name...)

It didn't go too was way better than i thought it was going to be. In-fact, talking about this whole situation made me feel much better. Knowing that they were going to have a tribute for her was heartwarming. She deserves it and i wish she knew how much people cared for her and loved her.
I had the pleasure to work with her and also be a friend of hers. She was an incredible model!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

R.I.P Gabby Joseph

She was one of a kind. An irreplaceable young girl who touched us all. She was very unique, different from everyone. I'm quite thankful I got a chance to meet this young talent...but never got a chance to say 'I love you' or 'Goodbye'. (I guess it's true that the Good die Young). Only got to meet you a few times, but my God!- your'e a crazy little Diva aren't you. Amazing personality and blessed with unique looks. You were there for me during one of the toughest times of my life remember? You and Dan were very supportive. You were the very first to talk to me and tell me that everything is going to be okay and all that was said was through jealousy (your voice healed all the pain and I thank you greatly for that)... i wish i was there for you.. only if you had talked to someone Gab but i guess no one will ever know what you were going through. No one. You had a huge talent and a bright future ahead. You're not just a typical pretty blonde, you are an extraordinary young beautiful blonde who can work her angles in-front of the camera. Your softly structured face and pout pink lips gave you that extra touch and wowed us all. (Its crazy how we were meant to see you this past weekend, was looking forward to seeing you, but now you're in a better place and my prayers go out to all your family. lots of love). All the pain in your heart is gone now. You will NEVER be forgotten. You made a strong impact in all our lives...ahhh... i am so thankful i got to know you.

"You are a Diva and will always be!" (I will never forget how much that used to annoy and make you laugh so much, remember all the diva groups on Facebook? It couldn't get any cheesier!)

We will keep on smiling just for you as we know thats all you want. You're in a better place now and you can now put your mind to rest. God loves you. You will never be forgotten and you'll always have a place in our hearts. I reach out for your family.

Lots of Love 

Magdelena Frackowiak red hair Exhibition Magazine 2011

Monday, 25 April 2011


Blog Posts

Liam Feltham Photography

Liam Feltham: Photography/Idea/MUA&Hair

This is a Street shoot i did with one of my friends Liam Feltham. He is a photographer, and he is a close friend of mine who i go to college with (Barton Peveril). He is such a young talent. He did the styling, hair & make-up too, and the whole idea was his, which yurned out to be amazing! this was quite an exciting shoot we did.

Trey Songz Concert

Kaylla & Me
queuing up outside HMV Apollo
Went to see Trey Songz in London Hammersmith HMV Apollo. The concert was Amazing! It was such an incredible exeperience and comforting atmosphere. I went to the concert with my older sister "Mpona" and friend "Kaylla Aisha Makrani".
We then slept in Travel Lodge Hotel as it was too late to travel back to Southampton.


Web Cam before college with mpona

okayy okayy.



Just Fun!