Saturday, 23 July 2011

Saturday's Look: Colour Block

So i had a show rehearsal today and this is what i wore..<¬cheesiest line ever! had nothing better to say :|
But anyway, the show rehearsal was for Winchester Fashion week which is quite exciting as the final fashion show is next week. I literally only had about 50 mins to get ready this morning. it was mad! but i got ready on time and quickly picked this outfit out.

The denim shorts are my younger brothers old jeans which I cut up ;) (genious? hah!) i love them so much but they're kind of tight and somehow make my ass look bigger than it actually is. grrr. The shirt is from Salvation Army. Bargain buy- got it for £2.99. and the black and gold belt also from Salvation Army £1.50.

Also dip dyed my hair ready for the summer! I went for a Pastel pink colour, its kind of fading out already so will have to go over it again.

Vintage ClubHouse shoulder bag from British Heart Foundation.

Gold chain bracelet: Topshop
I actually bought this bracelet about a year or 2 ago.
 randomly found it while cleaning my room

I look a little bit squished :|

I used a pink pastel colour dip dye on my hair for this summer
..wanted a bright colur for a change

These were my brothers old jeans which i cut short
and turned them into daisy dukes. Love them!

NYané xoxo


  1. Beautiful hun! :) i love the outfit.
    P.S im back from newyork now! will defo text you soon, stop by my blog whenever ? :) xx

  2. oh my gosh you are stunning with such amazing style! I have to follow you!
    you looks so gorgeous, I love your hair.

  3. This outfits hot, and you're GORGEOUS!!! Thanx for the lovely comment, now following :)

  4. love the dip dye hair hun and love love this look, such bargains.

    Jen xx

  5. How fabulous do you look. Love it all. I want that shirt :(

  6. I absolutely love your style
    I'll follow you now

  7. you aRE just so pretty! honestly, i wish you lived in cali so we could go shopping together, youre outfits are always right on, and honestly i dont come across people too often whom i absolutely adore their style

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    1. great face!!!and lovely blog..join mine if you want!!